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Student safety Insurance/Medical insurance

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 網頁素材表情符號:哈Student safety insurance

Suspended Students pay the safety insurance premium within one month after the start of each semester. Delay Graduated Students within the fourth week after the start of the extended (based on the remittance date), and make the payment in person at Health Center.

  • 遠雄人壽Insurance claim application 
  • Writing example 
  • Student insurance attachment file
  • (108-109 academic year)Letter of Consent for Students Continuing/Abandoning SecurityInsurance for Students in NKUHT Quitting School  
  • Insurance contents  
  • 申請「身故保險金或喪葬費用保險金」需檢附文件   
    • 「法定繼承人聲明同意書」  
    • 「法定繼承人聲明同意書」範例  
    • 平安保險理賠 理賠內容Insurance contents 
    • 遠雄人壽平安保險保障內容表


    Medical insurance for foreign students

     medical insurance (500 yuan a month)

    Exchange, foreign, and Chinese students please hand in a copy of the foreign student medical insurance receipt to Health Center within one week after start of each semester, (based on the payment receipt date), and will not receive it within the time limit. If the payment receipt is overdue, the insured will change to next month.

     Insured insurance should be based on one month. If you are insured for October medical insurance, please submit a copy of the insurance receipt in September to the Health Center.

    Foreign student medical insurance costs: 500 NTD/ month, insurance need to pay for information: insurance application, diagnostic certificate, medical receipts, fracture CXR, accident certificate, cancer pathology, etc., school pay insurance receipts

      Medical insurance claim application
      ♦Overseas students medical insurance application form

      Insurance contents 
      ♦Medical insurance refund application form

      ♦Abandon to join medical insurance Declaration

    網頁素材表情符號:哈Application For National Health Insurance(NHI)

     After coming to Taiwan for 6 months, foreign students must be obliged to participate in "National Health Insurance" according to the regulations.
    • Pay the health insurance fee details    

    • Check the attached documents
      1. A 2-inch color photograph
      2. A Copy ROC (Taiwan)Resident Certificate
      3. Application for NHI card 

    • Laws & Regulations
    • Announcements for foreign students and overseas Chinese students joining the Overseas Chinese Students Injuries Medical Insurance and National Healthcare Insurance 

    Foreign students have health insurance status and need to suspend their studies. Please go to the health center for business.

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